A lot of people make the mistake of settling on a business name, registering the domain, and then realising that the matching social media profiles are already taken.

This leads to businesses having one name for their website, and another (or others) for their social media profiles.

Consistency is key, especially if you are trying to grow a business or a brand.

Making it easy

Once you have decided which social media platforms you are going to use to promote your business, there are websites which make checking availability really easy.

Simply search the name of your business and the website will check all of the popular social media platforms for availability, rather than you having to visit each social media website individually. One website, one quick search, and you can begin to get your social media profiles registered to start promoting your business!

We recommend using the following websites to check availability.



If your desired names are already taken, you could always experiment with other names for your social media platforms by using – or _ in the profile name. Another tip is to use your country code at the end of the profile name (for example, UK).

Once you have checked what is available and you are happy with your choices, get the profiles registered asap, even if you are not quite ready to begin using them. This will prevent someone else coming along and registering them.

If you are yet to register a domain name, the above websites can also check domain availability. If you need more information on domain names, then check out our recent blog post to get you started.